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When you sign up for a new casino, one of the things you need to consider is what kind of promotions they are offering. An online casino that offers you solid promotions will give you more bank roll once the casino’s money is added to your account. To get the promotions, you will need to sign up for an account at the casino, so they know you are registered. This usually takes about a few seconds, as these days they don’t ask for much beyond a username, password, email and the currency you prefer to use in the casino. Most of the online casinos these days have several banking methods that are available and even cryptocurrencies. So, let’s look at the promotions that are mostly available at most online casinos and how you can take advantage of them.

The welcome bonus is the one to start with

When you see a new online casino that you would like join, you will usually see the welcome bonus on the home page in the main image area. They will call it a welcome bonus, match bonus, sign up bonus or something similar. They like to match what you deposit, so if make your first deposit of $100, they will match it, and sometimes to sweeten the deal, they will even add some additional free spins to the bonus. This is great because it gives you extra money and right away you can play with their free spins and see what you can win. It is usually between 25 to 50 free spins on selected games that are popular or new from the software provider. You will have to check all the terms and conditions or contact customer support to get all the welcome bonus requirements. Keep in mind that welcome bonuses will have a cap on how much they will give you. For example, the promotion might say up to $1000 in bonus cash.

The reload bonuses and how they work

Reload bonuses come in several ways. First, they might be attached to the welcome bonuses like when they have a big final number with the bonus. This will mean you have to make several deposits or reloads to get the additional casino cash. So, once you have used up the first bonus, then you will need to make another deposit and maybe even several more to meet the maximum requirements to get all the welcome bonus cash. The other reload bonus opportunities can come in many shapes and sizes. A reload bonus can be assigned to a day of the week, like a Thursday, depending on the when they want to offer it. They will offer several reloads and, in some cases, you can contact customer support and personally ask for a reload and depending on the situation, they will grant it.

The cash back promotions and how they work

If players are having a tough time in the casino, no worries, usually online casinos will offer a cash back promotion, where they give you back a small percentage, like 10% on your losses. So, if you lose some money, they will assign a day in the week, where you can claim a percentage back.